On the path of love
the sign of progress
is that we're not as perfect
as we were yesterday.
We're always falling
and becoming less
than we dreamed,
then more...
This is how I melt
into You and become
who I am.
Our way is dissolving.

More Deeply

On my meditation alter
I placed a camellia
that fell from a bush in my yard.
I offered it to the Goddess
of Beauty. Dear friend,
if you look a little more deeply,
you'll see the Sri Chakra
blossoming from every twig,

and Lakshmi gazing back
from every raindrop.

Take Some Time

Take some time for uncertainty.

If the caterpillar knew what to become

she would die of yearning.

Seeds penetrated by the moon

burst open in blackness;

their perfect bewilderment

is the mind of nature.

Bees feast on pollen with no concept of honey.

Two lovers swim in sparkling juice,

entangling your chromosomes, shaping

your body from their chaos of desire,

but they've never seen your face.

Flesh cannot conceive how many

families of worms your death will feed.

Fisted in pain, a lily's bud foretells

no fragrance, no Easter.


Don't numb your heart with conclusions.

Let shadows lie fallow until

an unanticipated radiance

ripens your grief like a poppy field.

Be thistle rioting through cracks in asphalt

releasing silver slivers of seed-down.

Choose for the corpse a lipstick color

like Audacious Plum, Petel Rebel,

Licorice Sin on the mouth of God.

Wait for the kiss.

Be a charred oak cask fermenting

your doubts into burgundy resurrection.

Best not to know yet.

Take some time for uncertainty,

that jeweler's blade, that shattered mirror,

breast, and wickless flame.