Don't Know

What do I mean when I say
it is a journey into stillness,
it is the story of ancient silence?
Or when I say that breath
is richer and more luminous
than thought?
I don't know.
What do I mean when I say
the meditation of my body
moves cloud-like over the trees,
wolf-like through the tundra
beyond desolation and hunger?
Or when I say my body tumbles
like a fierce white stream
from the mountain of my soul?
I don't know.
Not knowing is my prayer.
The power of un-resistance
ceases duration through time
because nothing is grasped
and nothing is renounced.
What does this mean?

What does it mean when I ask
whether stones and stars and
memories are made

of effervescent emptiness
I don't know.
Or when
I say,
"Don't exist, just sparkle..."

Ink painting: one of the classics of Zen,
Daruna, the 6th Patriach, sitting in meditation.
The caligraphy means, 'Don't Know.'