Guru Purnima

If you have tasted
even for an instant
the light that gushes
from your own breast
filling earth and sky
with golden fragrance,
then you know
beyond all doubt,
beyond all thought,
that you are infinite
and eternally free.
Who is the Guru?
The one who touched
your chest so softly,
opening this nectar spring,
making your hollow
places blossom
with the breath of love.
Bow down to the light
that is deeper inside
than your soul.
Bow down to the light
in every human heart.
Bow down to the one
who shines from each
speck of dust.
Jai Guru Dev.
At this full moon in July, I pray that all lovers will find
the Beloved, and have a blessed Guru Purnima celebration.
Painting: 'White Lotus' by Georgia O'Keefe