Earthworms are happy
in the mud.
Crows joyfully quarrel
over rat bones.
Just after sunset
pink clouds caress
distant mountains.
Each mindless furry
feathered thing follows
its own nature, even
a raindrop.
Why can't we?
Dear one, your nature
is to love,
to eat, work, hug
and tickle a grandchild.
If you don't have a grandchild,
invite a neighbor's kid
into your kitchen for
a cupcake.
Now watch the moon rise.
Listen to an owl.
Feeling sleepy, go to bed.
Before you close your eyes,
remove the future and the past
like cloudy spectacles
and put them on the table
in a little silver snuff box
that once belonged to your
mother's great uncle Amos,
who was a doctor to the cowboys
in Wyoming.
That's what I do.
Now sleep.
But be sure you invite
the part of you that never sleeps
to gaze down upon your body
all night, like a star.

Art by David Kettley