Follow the Way of Jesus.
Invite not only the Friend
but the Stranger
into your heart,
not because your heart is pure
or even good,
but because it is broken,
ruptured like a pomegranate
spilling countless
scarlet seeds
of listening.
Hear the wandering poet
from the Galilean poppy fields
call your name.
Become the wound
that heals you.
Be ripe and juicy.
Hug your sins and sorrows,
the failures that hone your soul
into a singularity
that must be perfect because
it is like no other...
This is what God sees.
Be humble as a circle,
a zero of space
around the earth.
Let your widening embrace
be the night itself,
until your very breath
is a stream of stars.

Painting by Rembrandt, who like Jesus knew
that light can only do its work when we embrace
the darkness too.