The seed is hollow.
Yet from this hollow space is born
the stem, the flower, the fruit.
In the fruit is a pit
that is just as hollow.
Are these two hollows
different, or one?
Does the hollow in the fruit
know more than the hollow
in the seed whence it arose?
We move from hollow to hollow,
appearing to grow, to learn,
and to acquire, yet
we ever return
to the hollow core
between breathing out
and breathing in,
transparent ayin soph
holding all possible worlds
as a drop of clear water
contains invisible grains
of dissolving sugar.
If you rest here, just
for an instant, fully awake,
you will taste
that unutterable sweetness.
You will dive into an ocean
of joy
and become the source
of flower and fruit.
Meadows, forests, mountains,
sky, sun, and stars
will appear in the tiny
empty seed
at the center of your heart,
the seed of love.
Don't try to understand.
Just be hollow.