No Deal

Everybody's selling something.
It's a buyer's market.
But there's one thing you cannot purchase:
the breath of surrender.
This is the difference between
love and business.
What's truly priceless is given for free.
It's all around you, friend, like sunlight.
It sparkles in each photon of your bones.
The marketer's mind believes
that exhalation is down-payment
for some ecstasy,
and inhalation is a lease.
But faith is not a contract.
Meditate without negotiation,
and expect no return for your investment.
bargain with the Beloved.
Become like the poor in Spirit,
for they have given their breath away.

Just declare bankruptcy
and be done with it.
If someone led you to believe
you'd get anything in exchange
for the gift of your whole being,
you've been fleeced.