Important To Say

It is important to say
after a long Winter
that the sun does not caress
this mossy stone
without delight,

and the breeze does not ripple
a pond in the meadow
without rapture.

All night in the fern forest
trillium shine,
seeing through eyes
more ancient than ours,
and not without tears.

At first light, petals
of magnolia, filled with rain,
fall and bruise themselves

not without that peculiar sorrow
which is the soul of time.

Before I leave this place
it is important to say
that I have heard the voice
of the raven, wise
as the silence that was
already singing
when God asked for light.

I have seen the whole
blue curve of the universe
in a robin’s egg,
which I put in another poem.
Shall I repeat it again?

I want you to be astonished
by the grace of little things,
the yearning in an apple bud,
the pebble's presence.
This is why you are here,
to ask the sentient heart
of every creature,
"What are you saying?"
and to listen for the answer:

I am patience in a stone,
ardor in a peony, a whisper
of grief in scattered bones.
Stars are not cold,
loam is alive with all
your ancestors,
and the vastness of night,
even when you think you are alone,

is awake, awake
with love and tenderly
silently burning.