Haiku Collection

Standing ovation.
I bow to their green silence.
Pines in the forest.

Here in the back yard,
hundreds of ripe purple plums
for my guests, the deer.
Lavender moth wing,
Dissolving things into verbs,
Kiss the world with light.

What honeysuckle
Whispers to the hummingbird
Teach your heart to pray


Mother, Father, though
your bodies are ashes now,
the fire still burns here.

(June 8, 1940, Happy Anniversary)

It's what's in between
the stars that kindles shining.
Fall in love with night.
Be your own color.
Grow wild and nameless among
Eight billion flowers.
I spent my whole life
becoming a beginner.
And now, my first step.


Hanging from a twig
on the bare March apple tree,
a ripening moon...

I swallowed the sun.
My bliss embraces sorrow.
Darkness gleams for me.

The flow of stillness.
Gentle song of rain at dawn.
Persistence of night.


Where are you going?
Slow down and take it easy.
Maybe you're there now.

First snowfall, my cat
Marveling at the paw prints
That followed her home.


Haiku to Saint Anselm

Aware of vast space,

this space is my awareness.

I am infinite.
Something succulent
purple and swollen bursts through
ice crystals - Imbolc!

                                        (A Haiku and a question)
The sea between us,
yet still one gaze, one longing,
sharing the full moon.

What is distance?

محيط يفصل بيننا،
ولكن، نبقى نتتقاسم هذا البدر
بشخوص واحد، وتوق واحد! 

ما المسافة عندها ؟
    (Translation to Arabic by Dana Chamseddine)                  
A rose doesn't look
for a flower to give you -
it gives you its Self.
Autumn morning fog.
Not listening to the news.
Coffee with Buddha.

Heal from below.
Grow perfect tulips while
they’re still in the seed.

Splashed with morning sun,
Nothing is ordinary.
Bees in lavender...

Green Tea: A Haiku Mala
New Age getting old,
whole earth frayed at the edges,
but green tea still works...

The world doesn't need
your mind in ceaseless revolt.
It needs you to breathe.

In a sip of tea,
politics do not exist.
Here, just you and me... 

Smell the world conflict
dissolve in green aroma
this very moment.

If you think you are
oppressed, then you are oppressed
by your thought: just stop.

Pour out your anger,
dear desperate protester,
into this warm mug.

Surrender your greed
and busy-ness, wealthy one,
into this warm mug.

Come, sit together,
sipping some bitter green tea.
No past and no blame.

War is inside you.
You brought it here with you, friend.
Leave it with your shoes...

Sit on this cushion.

Drop injustice at the door.
Presence is your work.

The now of this cup

drowns all yesterdays - may I
serve you more green tea?



Love suffuses silence
just as the color blue stains
emptiness of sky...

When stillness moves you,
The Beloved inhabits
each breath and footstep...

You were created
for a kiss that is deeper
in you than yourself.

Let that Otherness
be the dark bruise of longing
in every heartbeat.