The Shortest Distance

The shortest distance between two protons
is the void.
The shortest distance between two stars
is the void.
The shortest distance between
birth and death, God and the soul,
my heart and your heart
is the void.
'Distance' is the dream you keep
inside you like a family secret.
Apple blossoms burst from my lips.

Flowering corpses no longer sleep.
Raindrops each contain the sun.
The cat opens her eye and
the entire universe trembles.
Your soul and the boundless sky
are the same star-clustered
emptiness reflected in a forest pond
on a world that still lies hidden
in the ayin soph, the bindhu
of a quark.
It takes a millisecond for one atom
to sing the whole Koran.
Why go on pretending you're not
surrounded by improbabilities?

Only what is indecipherable
is worth tasting.

The bread of Jesus is not
on the menu, yet you
smell it baking in your sleep.

The fragrance slowly awakens you
to the feast of the ordinary.

If you don't say Yes to the world
this very moment, you are doomed
to another thousand years
of hesitation.