Scent of Emptiness

Can you smell the Void
in an apple blossom?
Emptiness is joy.
But it's fun to take shape
in a sunbeam.
Just for a moment be
a thing!
Then dissolve.
Do you have a problem with that?
Give up distinctions.
You are manifest
and unmanifest.
You can be the creature
and Creator.
Seed, sprout, blossom, fruit,
and seed again.
Yet no 'me' at all,
just a wild becoming.
The bud has no idea
what a petal is.
An apple is born from the grief
of a flower.
Loss is holy.
Let your juices bubble in the sun.
Let the worm appear.
Now all that remains is the hole.
But you need holes
to fill with breath and music.
Dear friend, through all your dying
flows the sweetest sap,
the nectar of eternity
in what perishes.
Call it sorrow.
Call it joy.