The Guest Who Never Left

For thousands of years,
when you needed love,
you thought of Krishna,
you thought of Kwan Yin,
you thought of Amitaba,
you thought of Jesus.
And a brief cool breeze
whispered in the burning noon
of your separation.
But the Savior lingered
only for a moment,
the duration of his name.
Jesus came and departed,
ascending to a higher world.
The Guest did not stay.
O friend, there is
a more constant way.
There is a nourishing wind
that arises within you,
greening your forest soul,
seeding the meadows
of your flesh, wafting
soft light at dawn and
gentle evening rain, a Guest
who never leaves.
Now the love you need
will be the love you give.
Just think of the Christ
who is already You.
Repose in the grace of
your own heartbeat.
Receive eternal salvation
from this breath.