The Great Teaching Is Hollow

You say you have a Guru?
Your Guru is hollow, just ask him.
If he is real, he will tell you,
"I am Hollow, I am Nobody,
Nobody is your Guru,
Nobody will save you."
Waves of emptiness, the proton is hollow.
The atom is hollow.
Each cell of your body hollow.
Your belly hollow, your lungs hollow,
veins hollow, bones hollow.
Your mouth, your ears,
your nostrils, your eyeballs,
skull and vegus nerve
are all hollow.
A home is hollow, a dome is hollow,
a mosque is hollow.
The stem of a rose is hollow.
The tree of life is hollow.

A mountain is hollow.
A spring is hollow.
A valley is hollow.

The Great Mudra
of Supreme Compassion
is hollowness within hollowness.

The earth and moon hollow.
The solar system hollow.
The galaxy spinning
on hollow stillness.
Eternity an echoing hollow seed.
Transparent edges of your body,
the stuff a bubble is made of.
The pinprick of a single word
pops it into nothing.
That word is "Hollow!"
I am hollow.
You are hollow.
Out of this vast hollow
are born the stars,
flowers and tears,
faces of babies,
food and laughter,

Photo: Zen Monk at the Moment of Enlightenment,
Wood carving, 16th C., Seattle Asian Art Museum