All this looking! All this being beheld!
My microwave, my alarm clock and my
vacuum cleaner are watching me!
My Cuisinart, my Sonicare toothbrush,
and my eye-phone are bugged,
even the planets and stars,
buzzing with my private information.
I think I've been wire-tapped
by my own nervous system,
and the cosmos spies on itself
through the black pupil in the empty core
of every galaxy.
It's a universe of surveillance,
a mad darshan, a feedback loop
to trigger awakening
in the pineal gland of a daffodil!
There's only one way to get free:
Hide nothing!
Make your mind a bedroom window
with no thought curtains!
Transparency is your only protection
from the sky blue lover's Glance.
Don't resist the electricity
of the Witness.
You can't fight the juice.
"Concealment" is not the name
of your fragrance.
Flower through the glow of being seen.
"The eye is the light of the body,"
said Jesus.
He looked upon the Magdalene
and saw himself in one of her tears.
Like that, our wonder anoints us.
We each become Christ
in the mirror of another's gaze.