Soften Your Space

Merely by resting in your heart
you soften the space around you.

Those who come near you feel
the touch of wild cotton,
the radiance of seven pearls
threaded on a sunbeam.

Their souls begin to orbit
your belly button.
They enter your invisible
garden of Presence

and somehow eat blood-red seeds
from the pomegranate's core
without gashing the husk.

This is why you must repose
in the golden shrine of your chest.
Let others make the haj.
You just need to be more hollow.

Supreme attainment is a mind
that no longer seeks
because it has dissolved
into the erotic splendor
of the void.

Let this exhalation be what pours
from the libation cup,
a sacrament of surrender.
Let this inhalation be
the Beloved's sparkling kiss.

Friend, did no one tell you?
Your breath is the name of God.