I took a leap of faith
and fell into your waves
of acid bliss.
You, the hopeless depth
between boats.
In a single breath,
from the rim of your lip
I tumbled toward
the burgundy stillness
at the bottom of the earth cup.

In the sparkling of death
when that sigh ended
precisely where there were
no words to pray,
I became your child,
resurrected by the next

This happens to us all
moment by moment,
but we hardly notice
because we are drunk
with answers.

So I allow your flowers
of contentment to grow
from the ground of my despair.
This is faith.
I can't make a mistake
without your grace.
This is devotion.

To be uncertain
is to choose your presence,

The beginning and end
of your mystery a clod,
sepulchering an earthworm
as a flame conceals the wick.

Now I doubt everything
in order to become the darkness
through which you carry
un-created planets to the place
where they may be spoken.
Yes, there are other, more
secret names for love:
havoc, flux, unraveling...