Knowing makes you small.
Not knowing opens
all your windows and doors
letting the wind blow
seeds in.
Some see the Master
and suddenly start building
earthworks of suspicion,
walls of mind chatter
to defend the little i.
Others see the Master
and let their breath go
as if it were the last!
They fall into a dazzled silence
and from that moment on
are breathed by an Other,
who is deeper inside
than I Am…
The Sun always floods us
with yellow, sending down
the perfect beam for every bulb.
It all depends on
how ready we are to burst open
and fill the air
with the fragrance of Unknowing.
Listen, friend, this world
is a dry cocoon.
Soon it will crack and shatter,
spilling up into gold morning air
the crinkled rainbows
you've kept holding too long
in your chest.
Give up certainty.
Just unfurl.

Butterfly wing art by Lucy Arnold,