Excited to get my kit in the mail.
Very accurate genome test.
Surprised to find I'm not
in any way related to
George Washington.
In fact, my DNA is only
maybe one third human.
The rest is a dark meringue
folded over sweet yolky
custard of alligator eggs.
Part Anatolian Boar,
Nubian Ibex, Lynx,
Bonobo, Leopard Moth,
Coral Snake - I am
deadly and beautiful -
part Scimitar-Horned Oryx,
I listen to my bones
echoing the twitter of distant
golden-feathered dinosaurs.
As to 'race' - whatever that
means - I'm afraid mine
is hopelessly scrambled.
All I know is, I come
from this world, the earth,
and no other.