Against the Vertigo

Give up this vs. that
and repose in the incomparable
beauty of your heart.
Drink dark wine and spill
some drops into the furrow
between opposites.
Love is not a feeling
that comes and goes,
or a charitable deed.
Love is fierce and gentle.
Can you accomplish
your daily task
free and wild inside
like a roaring panther
in the midnight forest?
Be a sunbeam, ever
transparent and pure
even as you pass through tears
that shatter your light
into a rainbow?
Fall upward like a tree,
flinging out the stillness
of your seed
to fill the sky with
the hollow you came from?
Now let the scattered branches
of your past and future
find their sap in the root
of presence.

Against the vertigo, respond
from unfathomable stillness.
Sink even lower.
Be a wave that contains
the ocean in its silent bow.
Break open.
Love is the whole sky
in a robin's egg.