"Our great mother does not take sides; she protects
the balance of life." ~Neytiri, 'Avatar'

Because I am neither
"for" nor "against,"
I have outraged everyone
but the Goddess...
She and I quietly
recline by a stream
eating whatever berries
are in season.
It's the flow of stillness
we all know,
some of us carried
along by the current,
some of us just watching.
Please don't call me
I respond to mothwing,
breath of raindrop,
thistletouch of purple
evening, mourning cry
of mother raven
just as she dissolves
into a Winter mist.
If you want the "answer,"
friend, just rest
more passionately
in the darkening meadow
of this moment,
this silence
where the question
never arises.