Winter Goddess

The Dark Lady said, 'Drink my cup.'
'What does it contain?'
'The ferment of namelessness.'

I sipped the liquid void,
this effervescing silence
we all forget that we remember,
and tasted the ruins of the moon
with a finish of starlessness.

‘I know this flavor,’ I said,
‘the taste of annihilation,
like a rough diamond
stuck in my crawl like a tear
that contains the earth.’

‘This time,’ she whispered,
‘don’t spit it out.’
I sipped again, the black goddess
swam up the river of my spine
with fins of fire.

A third taste and I became nobody.

'Now you know who I Am,' she said,
her eyes secret passageways
from temple to forest.

I gazed, beheld her abyss and fell

into pavonine emptiness,
that wingéd hollow,

a rainbow of desolation.

Now I dwell with my Beloved

where flames go
when you snuff them out.

Wendy Andrew