Keep returning to Me here
where I am You.
Don't feel for something in your chest.
Don't look for the comet trail of a breath.
Don't pray.
Just fall through the 'O!'
where every prayer begins.
And don't push out the shadow.
Let her ocean of darkness en-womb you,
tumbling your jagged crystal brilliance
into a rounder saltier stone,
opaque transparency embracing
the confusion of the un-resisted storm.
Please, don't try to still your mind.
Silence is already here,
preceding the moment
when you look.
You ever rest where songs arise.
All instruments attune
to one trembling note -
my Name -
the sound of not trying.
Don't kill desire.
Only dive into crimson chaos,
the poise between your ventricles,
where countless pistils glisten
at the center of the musk rose.
Don't you remember?
You've been releasing this fragrance
into the garden
for six billion years!

Photo by Kristy Thompson