I cherished most of my body very deeply,
but I was at war with my belly.
Perhaps you are not getting
along with one of your body parts?
If so, here's what to do.
Expand it to fill the sky.
Let it encircle the moon
and all nine planets.
Perhaps it is your penis, a majestic tower
rising beyond the rim of the galaxy.
Perhaps it is that trembling
golden water lily, your clitoris,
floating on a lake of stars.
Or are you ashamed of your brain?
Let it become a cathedral
whose spires touch Andromeda,
the Crab Nebula, some Rearing Horse
of Cosmic Dust where new suns are born

from the womb of Unknowing.
How could anyone be troubled or bound
by a body-part, which is really
a temple
of fiery intelligence,
a singing bowl whose
outshines God?

I hope this works for you, friend.
It worked for me.
I feel at home in my Buddha belly now.
Our flesh is so beautiful!