"And if you offer even a leaf, a flower, a piece of fruit, or a little water, this I accept as the deepest devotion, because it is given with a yearning heart." ~Bhagavad Gita, 9:26

I bow down to your feet.
Now I bow down to a speck of dust
that falls from your toe.
Now I find you in a withered leaf,
a silvery slug trail,
an abandoned cocoon,
the mess of love making,
goo in the eye,
a dog's gaze, that stillness
at the rose's heart
centering a storm of bees,
and my own unclenching hand
so lightly holding
this night full of stars.
I bow to you
not only in the creature
but in the edgeless fractal
where the creature's name expires
in the breath of the Uncreated.
And the You that I find there
is I, Beloved, crying
thank you, thank you!
I bow to you for perfect freedom.
I bow to conquer the world
with my surrender.