You Are That

Tat Tvam Asi.
You are That
which outshines the world.
You are the light
that darkness cannot overcome.

Your Guru's outward form,

the gesture of the Buddha,
the body of Christ,
is only a trellis
on which grows
the inward flower
of your radiance.

Love is not hard work.

Your task is to perish
in playfulness.

No exquisite dahlia
was ever pulled out of the ground
by tugging on its stem.
A seed must fall and
die into dark loam.
Follow the way of the weed.
Rest in the hollow core
of not needing
to be special.

Do you want to be
the greatest artist?
Do you want to create
an everlasting glory?

Become motiveless.
Let Beauty arise
from the grace of your heart's

Photo: Dahlia on my back porch