Where Are You Looking?

You met the Master once
and gazed into his face.
He whispered something,
and you awakened.
That was enough.
That was enough.
If you keep going back
to seek his countenance
and receive his touch
again and again,
you may be moving in
the wrong direction, caught
like a flame in the gust
of desire...
Seek him at an ashram
in Bangalore or Rishikesh,
hunt him on a pilgrimage
to Jerusalem or Rome,
and you will only find
a white robe, a pair of
sandals... O Pilgrim,
if he does not gently
touch you with the tip
of this breath,
if he does not repose
very near, very near
in the space between
your heartbeats, you have
never really met him at all...
Dear one, where is the Guru?
He is the softness of a rose
in the silence of your chest,
the fragrant hollow
at your core.
In his emptiness you
overflow with light.
In his stillness you're
a maelstrom of unborn stars.

Photo of dahlia on my back porch