Two Ways

Two ways to be hollow:
lack and pour.
Where there was sand,
now there is pearl.
Where there were bones and ashes,
now there is gold.
Where there was a body,
now there is loam,
a richer darker body,
of death unafraid.

Where there was a journey,
now there is stillness.
Where there were tears,
now there are diamonds
stolen from God.
Blood follows its own scent
back to the Mother
bearing the treasures of night.
Where there was merely the sun,
now there is food.
Where wealth was a burden,
now there is only your Name,
the breath of emptiness.
My cask of sorrows has become wine.
I trickle its libation
into the lips of your wound.
Where there was one alone,
now there are two for love's sake.
We became hollow by pouring.
Where there was love,
now there is burning,
My song returns to the sky.