Between your eyebrows, a blue sky.
In the hollow of your nostril,
a pulverized infinitesimal grain
of diamond.
At the back of your throat, a drop
of honey charged with healing songs
of gratitude.
You lungs a meadow
of tiny white flowers
bathed by Spring rain.
From the ground of your thorax
a golden holographic dahlia,
the hundred thousand smiles
of the unborn dead.
Sink breath into belly.
Root down in coral sunrise
of solar plexus
on the ocean of your boundless
Glut every nerve
with the dark glory
beyond the galaxies
and sheathe your sword
of uncreated light
in a kiss of invisible wonder.
Your body dissolves
in the next exhalation.
Where are you now?
Fallen into the Mother’s well
where countless furry creatures
drink you like nectar.
Friend, you will always be lonely
until you learn to celebrate
the silent secret
of breathing.