Before I Write You A Poem

Before I write you a poem I ask,
"What does the loneliest soul
need to hear right now?"

The universe rings its silence
of stars, galaxies gonging
as in the first moment of eternity

hollowing a space in my
reptilian brain where a voice
murmurs, "Tell them
it takes no effort at all
to melt the heart.
Just be without a center.

“Stop the search.
Spin your tears
into sweetness.
Trample your pain
into wine."

"They will not comprehend
such foolish words!" I cry.

"Oh yes they will!"

"Who are you, Poem-Giver?"

"I am your love for the hummingbird
who comes as a beggar to your window,
clothed like a king.
I am the bug embalmed
in spider's silk.
I am the golden moment
your craving is fulfilled,
just before the twinge
of your next desire.

“Rest in Me. now.
I am the magical name you give
to ordinary thing."