Night Meditation

As you fall
asleep tonight,
literally fall
into the starry darkness
of your heart.
Play in the wave-nature
of silence,
rising up and
sliding down the
pearl moonbeam
of each breath.
Drift in the ocean
of Turiya,
your sail filled with
the 'So'ham' whisper.
Sink into the foam
of worlds unborn, no
'higher' or 'lower,'
no 'matter' or 'spirit,'
where birth and death
have not yet been divided
into moments of time.
(What hand, passing
through those void waters,
could ever cleave
Tohu from Bohu, the deep
from the deep?)
Surrender is the subtlest art
because it happens
without you. Now
witness your waking,
not one moment old.
This is the first morning.
Who passes seamlessly
from dream of night
to dream of day
never sleeps.