Let your inhalation be
the rain-laden breeze
passing over sleeping lovers
landscaped curve to curve.
Let your exhalation be a forest pool
sparkling under ferns
where spiders come to skate
from sky to sky on cool
secret mirrors.
Each breath, after all,
is a pair of wrens
building their nest in the gables
of a cottage where summer guests
will soon arrive.
I pray for your eyes too,
closed yet gazing inward, your
lips moved by their dream.
Why not take a vacation
in your body, every cell
a domed blue climate
with its shining sun?
Hang a sign on your forehead,
'Closed for Renovation,'
and this one, 'Open,’
from your nipples.
You won’t ever stop working, will you?

Yet the motion of your years
might be a trip to the sea
and a quiet journey home,
all breaths being equal.
The dream has no end, no beginning.
After a nap in the afternoon,

you might wake up, and simply watch
the play of waves.

Artist: Diji Scales