Summer Moon

It makes me want to dance, remembering the truth -
this petaled ephemera, reflecting radiant stillness
on ripples of voluptuous night.

The summer moon's message is such silent thunder 
between my eyebrows.
I bathe in a beam that lasers my breath down
a string of seven pearls.

It reminds me of my vow: No separation,
no superior, no inferior, no equality.

Every prism'd facet of this jewel
an effulgent rainbow of all the others.
I am you, You are I, both of us unique.

Shyama Sundara, Lord of Beauty
whose countenance is blue as the sky!

Radha, spellbound motionless pure
erotic Dancer in the Christall center
of the Heart!

Millions of miles from the sun,
she overflows with his light.
Now here is the secret of Guru Purnima:
space is awake, distance is illusion.