Sky Embrace Storm

Sky, embrace storm.
Let there be a stillness
around the whirlwind.
Breathe in chaos, breathe out
impossibly transparent
turquoise blossoms.
Ignite yesterday's cinders.
Burn them completely under
the andirons of your breastbone.
A gentle sigh releases
your eternal spark,
an infinitesimal diamond
dense as the wisdom congealed
on a corpse's brow.
Intelligence without words.
Understanding without thought.
Today's forecast: sunny with rain,
and no distinction
between sorrow and joy.
Now rest in a darker silence
where opposites do not contend,
but sun and moon, gravity and pinion,
taste of blood and fragrance of peony,
the beast beneath the white robe
and the benediction in the eye
of the executioner
are all declensions of a single verb
singing your assent to be whole.
Let those long-estranged lovers inside you
renew their ancient marriage vow
against the sound advice of
all your relations.

Photo: Lovely troubled weather seen
from my village on Puget Sound