'Savor Eternity': #1 New Release In Nature Poetry

Poems are maps
for getting lost in your heart
where everyone can find you.

Come and be wildered.
You don’t need to ask the way.

Which way does the magnolia bud unfold?
To the East or West? Right or Left?

Please touch the whole world now.
Awaken in every direction at once.
Be the radiance you seek.

Let's create a Heart-Wave during the release of 'Savor Eternity One Moment At A Time'! On its first day, (6/17) the book reached Amazon's "#1 New Release in Nature Poetry." Thank you, friends.
 In the second day, we reached #1 New Release in Inspirational and Religious Poetry.
Your heart isn't just a pump: its an energy-field radiating from the core of your body, suffusing the entire planet. And as you spend a brief moment in your Heart, you repose in the eternal. I truly believe that a poem can be a portal to this healing Heart-radiance, which is the purpose of my little book.
Link to Amazon through this PUBLISHER'S PRESS RELEASE, where you'll find reviews, sample poems too!
As an added bonus, you can also buy my first book, 'Wounded Bud,' at half price during this Heart-Wave! Just go to my Amazon AUTHOR'S PAGE.