River of Pain

This very morning
I sense the subterranean
river of pain
surging through each atom
of the earth, my tear
an ephemeral monument
of transparency,
naked in the vast dark tide
that flows into the smallest
oceanic cell of flesh.
This very morning I surrender
to a luminous un-knowing:
that this is not my pain alone
but the ancient wound
all humans share - the wise
arterial blood of our ancestors,
the terrible gasp of the newborn,
the unsealed gash of what
we've all, in our ignorance,
done to one another,
and the redounding ache
of unnecessary blame, that
throb of wanting to forgive
and not understanding how...
I surrender to the certainty
of the Uncertain, the faith
that I must surely find
a wellspring of Peace
gushing out of my chest where
the piercing is deepest,
as I follow the river of pain
to its source and welcome
the woundedness of the creature,
birth pang of primal
separation from the One...
I am here not for Joy
or Sorrow, but to kythe
the abundance of the Whole,
to say Yes, this must be a world
where pain and beauty are
inseparable lovers.