O Surrenderer

O surrenderer, martyr yourself!
Die for love and become
a purple anemone of the Negev.
Be dew on a scarlet poppy
dissolving in the sun.

O Surrenderer, make the haj,
the journey from grape to wine.
Leave your father's encampment
in the dry hills of the forehead
and wander into the valley
of your chest.

Circumambulate the heart's black stone
and change it to flesh.
Meet every mother's child
dressed in a pilgrim's gown like yours.

O Surrenderer,
give the alms of your breath
to the poverty of yearning.
Laugh five thousand times today,
for laughter is the secret prayer
revealed on the day of judgment.

Let Joy convert the nations
and gather the ummat al-mu'minīn,
not by the sword, but by soft words
in the book of healing
lettered with flames all murmuring
out of a single sound, Salam.

It is good to fast from violence,
O Surrenderer,
dawn to dusk.
Refrain from doing harm to yourself: 
that is the real Sawm.
When our mind does no violence
to our heart, we treat others
with dignity.

O Surrenderer, martyr yourself
for peace.
Does your own beauty not shine
like the golden sun
from the face of your enemy?