Your lover is waiting
in the bridal chamber
between heartbeats
rapt in veils of night.
You won't have to take any vows.
There's no question of staying faithful.
This affair only takes a moment
but lasts forever.
The ceremony is breathing.
Of course its not all a bed
of roses.
Beneath each bright red petal lies
a dark passion, the delicate
singed edge of death.
How could there not be shadows?
Abandon shame.
Savor the salted spark in every tear.
Unhook the reason choker.
Throw away your artificial pearls.
They are not true gems that began
as trapped cinders of pain,
burning droplets
in the purgatorial cup
of your emptiness...
God made you naked
for something more real,
shimmering green up inmost stems
Under sheets of silence
you murmur heavenly secrets
about our eternal dissolving.
I won't tell, I'll just listen.
And to the wedding guests I'll say,
'No gifts please,
just offer your bewilderment.'
Now come to bed, sweet soul,
surrender to the One
you are.
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