In Your Sleep

Sometimes I gaze at you
in your sleep,
my face as bright as a thousand pearls
melting, pouring through
the infant softness of your crown.
The cooling milk of my rapture
washes your brow, dripping
gently down your spine into the glass
chalice of your heart.
Then your lips stir restlessly:
thirsting for a sip of marriage wine?
Or whispering my secret name
through a dream dance in green stillness
where peonies gleam and peacocks cry?
I know, I know... Sometimes I seem
hidden beneath the planetary shadow,
and all you taste is desolation,
dark yearning, and the cup
is so empty it hurts.... Dearest One,
even this darkness is my love.
Then I am so near you, I have
disappeared into the boundless night
behind your eyes.