Berry Walk

Here is the good news
for a Sunday in June.
There is no solution.

Your life is not a problem
to be solved.
This is the Gospel

for a morning when
the salmon berries dangle
in their sable caps,

luscious from the green-gold leaves.
If you do not take a handful
and smear them on your tongue

the deer will do it, the deer
will come so silently to steal
the beauty you do not see.

In virescent pools of fern on
this, the hottest morning yet,
the cool sour huckleberry’s fire

will succor you. And given
the wild possibility of such a world,
is it not the best news of all

that there is no conclusion,
only survival, in the never-ending
chaos of your faith?

Photo: Salmon berries in my hand on
a woods walk in the Northwest forest.