I shed every petal,

crushed every pollen drop

to fragrance without form,

peeled the seed away

and cracked each casing

of the emerald germ

down to the black

Upanishadic hollow...

Still, I could not feel You.

I relinquished every veil

of innocence and shame,

became more naked

than the moon before the sun.

offered my flesh

to the fire of wanting,

melted every photon to its

wave of darkness.

Still, I could not touch

the Love of whom fools stammer...

So I hid in your Hiddenness,

tore off my wings and

spiraled down into the rhythm

of your stillness.

fell into the sea where

breath goes before it returns,

I knelt on the shore of

my own ancient heart,

faithful to the last lost pulse.

In a wickless flame,

in a soft scarlet chaos

without root or stem,

I became infinite.

Longing blossomed in the golden void.

I became you.