In our land there is one true
holy day each year,
holier than Christmas or Passover,
holier than Diwali or Eid,
holier than the Fourth of July
or the Birthday of Trump.
It's the day when every rule is broken,
the past is forgotten in forgiveness,
all discipline gets washed away
by laughter and tears.
It's a day when we gaze namelessly
into the eyes of perfect strangers
and fall in love with thieves on their crosses.
Every prison cell is opened.
Gold is distributed in the streets.
We smear our faces with chocolate
and drink red wine.
On this day we close our ancient books
and dance with valor among the ruins.
Clothing is optional; everything is optional.
There’s only one law, "Love
"and do whatever you like."
There is only one taboo: the word “no."
But this sounds like a rule,
so some folks just stay up all night
singing "no."
The past and future get drenched
in the nectar of this day.
Gods walk on earth to drink
the milk of this day.
This day a woman meets the man
in her belly, and a man meets the woman
who sings in his bones.
Wine is poured into the bowl
of your skull this day.
There is wedding feas inside your chest.
Now I'm sure you are asking,
"When will this day come?"
Here's the answer, friend:
this day is today.
Are you ready?
Are you sure?

Painting: 'Tribal Dance' by K.C. Aryan