Don't Ask

Don't ask the Master for advice.
The best advice is the silence in your chest.

The Guru doesn't tell you what to do,
but simply reveals the stillness,
here, between breaths.

Someone asked, "What's the difference
between a Guru and a flower
or a raindrop?"
Ah, what a beautiful question!

I was not introduced to the majesty of a violet,
the divine authority of dissolving dew,
until Love anointed these eyes
with nectar from my own heart.

Love is formless, but very personal.
Then who gives Love her hands,
or swells the meniscus of Love's mouth
so that it spills with song?

Friend, Love appears in this body
to make surrender complete.
Shakti overflows into our flesh,
a kind of bread, an offering,
a mass that grows weighty in our fingers.

This is the freedom of Love:
from something that bursts deep inside us,
we are inexorably driven
to bow.

(Photo: my lovely friend, Dakota, receiving the darshan
of Anna Shri Karunamayi)