Mira, Francis, the Baal Shem Tov were anarkissed for love.
King David danced naked before the Ark, anarkissed for love.

With only a broken jug, a brick for a pillow, Rabia refused
the princes' hand: she was anarkissed for love.

Whitman, cummings, Teilhard de Chardin, all ambulance drivers
and poets who bound up warriors' wounds, anarkissed for love.

Jesus too, who burst the skin of the law with new wine,
shouting “I AM Anarkissed for love!”

Ferment your marrow, distil your blood.
Explode what contains you, drink who you are.

Burst the wine skin of Peter, Luther, Marx and Reagan,
the wine skin of Mohammed, he won't mind.

Burst the wine skin of government, the wine skin of belief.
Don't bottle your sparkling heart, be the hard stuff!

Ignite your nipples and boom like a fire rose!
Do not scrawl bison on the walls of your skull:

Scrawl the galaxies! Make timid people tipsy 
with laughter, then invite them to dance.

You won't see Kali's thousand-formed reflection
until you shatter the mirror of I.

Get beyond drunk and sober, violence and peace.
Live in the garden where lion-headed serpents

sing to the violin zebra, winged elks fly
through the ripeness of the pomegranate,

bridegrooms marry their brides with a kiss
that seals the crush and mingling of all berries.

Let every mouth be anarkissed for love!
This kingdom needs no king. 

These laws are inscribed in the palm of the hand
that holds a hoe or a soup pot.

Ideology dissolves into a tear. The revolution  
is to breathe, the radical act is Presence.