Songs to the Master

There's a sky-blue rose
with petals softer than the air it blossoms in
springing neither from earth nor heaven
but from the darkness inside
where real gardens grow.
It winds about the trellis of this body,
I am tangled in its fragrance.
If you're thirsty as a honey bee,
you can taste love’s nectar here.
There's enough for everyone.
And if you'd like this flower to grow in you,
speak to me in silence:
I know where the seeds are.

Beyond the marketplace, the streets
of past and future, hope and regret,
under wild stars where all paths
finally tangle in green darkness,
there’s a garden where No One
waits for you.
He will do to your soul
what a fountain does to sunbeams.
Let me take you walking there
in the cool of the evening.
We'll feast on purple berries and sing
all night, then wake at dawn to discover
we have somehow wandered
into the heart.

I only understand the silence
between your words.
I sleep in the night of your eyes.
Your breath brushes my brow:
I’m ocean-tossed, drowning.
You graze me with a glance:
I'm shocked by a new Creation
where only dancing is allowed.
How close can my head come to your toes
before it shatters into spirals of gold?
Lift me up, I'll turn into a fountain.
Step on me, I'll be the sky.