Withholding judgement
is a wild electric space.
Silence bears lightning.

Holy Absence

"God can't come to visit you unless you're not there."
~Meister Eckhart

Darkness too
has its blossoming.
Now teach me the way
of divine absence.
Just as You have made
yourself absent
so that I may be present
to the plaint of a frog,
a first scent of hyacinth,
or the disappearing
white-tailed flicker
in morning mist,
teach me to be
absent too, Lord,
so that your presence
may consume my eye,
my tongue, my twin
chambered heart
with invisible fire;
so that my absence
and your presence
may be waves of prayer,
cups of longing
poured empty and full.


How may I recreate
the earth?
Let me take,
no, receive
one breath, tasting
starlight in the
effortless ascent
from my belly
to the space above
my crown.
I remember now.
This is the stream
of innocence
that bathed us all
before we took our
first steps.
Ours was the courage
of unwavering gratitude,
redeeming the world
with wonder.
There now.
I have done it.
And the earth
is new.