"Give me the daring to take hold of the darkness." ~Lalladev

Hello, my name is Darkness
and I am addicted to light.
I began to savor sunbeams
about the age of four,
the hopeless habit of drowning in flowers.
The first sip I remember:
a yellow chrysanthemum
on an October afternoon.
Now I guzzle from the grail
of the full moon.
I wake after midnight craving stars
and creep downstairs, tip toe
by the refrigerator,
past the hard cider and cheese,
wander out beyond the pumpkins
to the edge of the forest
leaving crystal footprints in frost.
It is not the florid summer noon
that mystics love,
but the radiant liquór of what is not,
the hidden pulsar in the void.
I stand here shamelessly shining
from belly to brow with blackness,
the secret nectar known to mad
Taoist mountain poets,
Benedictines drunk with vigil hymns,
Sufis, Beguínes, the whirling ones,
wiccans of Mary magic.
I sway tipsy as a reed in its
hollow twister of stillness
until my root tingles down
to the planetary seed
and my crown is aglitter
with Andromeda.
By sunrise I am utterly wasted.
O Nabasvan,
breath of the mother-hour,
hour when silence turns milk-white
and ghostly mushrooms quiver up
like nipples of the crone
from musky mud-moss,
I promise to conceal what
men are not ready to know.
Hello, my name is Luminous
and I am addicted to night.
Pierce me with
the flame of your shadow.
Let my body sheathe your
dagger of angels.

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Inhale Counting Four

I must confess I'm getting bored
with spiritual practices.
Inhale counting 4, exhale counting 6.
I did this in first grade arithmetic…
Perform Frog Asana better
than anyone else in yoga class.
Can't wait to practice Corpse Pose
and just lie here doing nothing…
Wonder if her mantra works better than mine:
Tantric bija, $1200…
My guru is flawless, but yours
had an affair with a cheerleader…
If you buy your meditation at an ashram,
where it's been on the shelf for a thousand years,
be sure to check the expiration date:
it should say "Now" …
Breathing in, say “breathing in.”
Breathing out, say “out…”
Why not say, “My grandmother
rides a red bicycle?”
Now replace the thought of that lady's rump
with a thought of emptiness....
So I took these complaints to the Master,
who said, “When did you ever see me
actually doing any of that crap?”
Then he threw his arm over my shoulder
and lead me to The Tavern of Awakening,
where everyone gets instantly drunk
by practicing absolutely nothing.
Those fools are always dancing in a circle
and nobody knows who started the celebration
or why...
If you come, bring a big empty stein.
No one will ask who invited you.
Friend, isn’t it finally time to
run out of patience?
Be a wave of Right Now
crashing on the Ordinary.
Just do who you are
and pulverize diamonds
with your whirling.


When your mind becomes
empty and clear
as the bluest sky,
the golden sun appears
all by itself.
No need to ask or try.
Let the night of your heart
be hollow as a womb.
Then you will give birth
to a radiance purer
than ten million stars.
This is how Christ is born
in the silence
of the black Madonna.
No need to pray.
Just breathe gratitude.