Truth Cannot Be Known

Truth cannot be known
because then there would
have to be a knower.
But the duality of a knower
knowing the truth
is the fundamental ignorance,
the illusion that causes
our separation
and our suffering.
The real possibility
is not to know the truth
but to dissolve the knower.
Then Truth shines
brilliantly by itself.
I learned this by
gazing into the eyes
of my cat.

Photo: My cat, Basquiat

Gray Scale

If my joy
does not include
my sorrow,
it is not ananda.
it is only a flight,
a "state" of mind,
that must perish.
Relentless blue
of the desert sky?
No, give me a cloud
and a drop of pearl.
Sunbeams are more lovely
through the veil.

Photo: Mount Rainier on my walk this morning.


That in you which
cannot endure
the ordinary
is all that ever dies.
This is good news.
A flower sparkles
all by itself,
without description.
A blue moth alights
on a bobbing twig
in golden sunlight.
Let this exhalation
caresses the hollow
behind your eye.
Settle here,
yet do not stay.
Please don't
call it meditation.
Just discover,
without a name,
without a practice,
how your life has become
the gesture of stillness.