Flow Into You

You flow into You the way a trickle
of ice becomes a mountain pool
edged with tiny flowers sun a gazing
eye that blindly only sees peripheral
golden world dots streaming snakes
of breast milk through green shadows
of devil’s club the foaming tea among
those angel roots of You transmuting
sting to spicy estuary of the Self alluvial
hips and thighs that open oceans
of darkness we have taught our babies
to deny as they climb ropes and ladders
get a raise to higher income brackets  
of consciousness ascended masters all
the stress of heaven this infernal soaring
only to distance your belly from your
beaten heart who needs to feel no star
above but drop and shatter of a bursting
seed to sow You rivering down a path
of least resistance through the Fall  
of grace into a deepening breath of
subterranean marrow litanied with stars
the pungent voices of salty fungi O
daughter of loam and snuffed light foal
of blood that seeps from rocks the  
cloven hooves of stumbling glaciers
melted amniotic broken mother-waters
bearing ever You down to reveal how
nothing rises, everything descends.

                                       This poem is published in the 
                                       online journal 'Empty Mirror'


It flashes out of the void
then vanishes
you said it wasn't real
you said that clinging 
to it was sorrow 
you attended long lectures
about its non-existence
weekend retreats to get
rid of what wasn't there
but at night alone you
often admitted to having
no idea what it is
where it comes from or
what this luminous darkness
means that fills you not
with dread so much as
ineffable yearning all you
really know is that your  
life is its perpetual echo
after image in the eye 
that cannot see out of
the dazzled blindness ripe
and desperate now why not
confess how much you need
the beloved?

I Did Not Know

We’re an ocean apart
but when I hold you in
the heart’s silence
we meet at the tip of
the sigh that goes out
to my sunrise where
it’s your evening and
you gaze through a
candle toward my face.
Miracle of sadness,
miracle of longing,
love is a shimmer of
transparency in soft
and faithful absence,
a touch from afar.
Yet love is wayless and
very near.
I did not know how
rich my darkness was
until it burst into flame
with your presence.